Every so often, I need a reminder to slow down, reflect, and enjoy who I am, where I live, and how I love and am loved.


We are always presented with images of Western ideals to which to aspire–many detrimental, vapid and ethically challenged standards that are best moderated or avoided altogether.


Once everything–school, work, kids, house, car, etc–becomes a competition, where will we find joy? Is happiness only to be found in “winning”? When is enough enough?


Even within our crafterly communities there are those who view the enterprise of creating as a race or a competition. Why not cheer each other on, encouraging independence and diversity? Why be a hater?


And why not just make what you love for your own enjoyment or catharsis?

nope. it's not.

Eh. I’ll finish stitching it whenever I finish.

It’s a mantra.