So how was last week? Do tell me what you’ve been up to!

I made some progress on my ruminations and made a few changes. There’s too much to say and also not a whole bunch to report.

For example, I have left Pinterest. I have several reasons for making this decision and they are all the right choices for me. You might decide otherwise, and that’s just fine. First, I wasn’t getting much out of it. I pinned things and almost never revisited my own pins. When I did look at my own boards, I didn’t find it very inspiring; it was both saddening and daunting. Second, I was pinning the artsy-craftsy stuff that I pinned to help some super talented folks get some more exposure. However, I wasn’t totally aware of how the action of pinning affected the copyrights of the photos of those I pinned without permission. Reading the terms of service in some detail made me reconsider my use of the site overall.

All in all, I find that my thinking is less segmented with one fewer site to update and keep up with. So I shall continue to streamline. I am looking to strengthen relationships, make my actions more efficient, and figure out what happens next.


Next for me here at home is some sewing. Definitely the Give a F*ck project is moving along. And I just started a new scrappy project using some Oakshott shot cotton scraps shared with me by Lynne. I love love love the colors and the feel of the fabric. Will definitely be indulging myself with more of this stuff.

Oh, and of course there’s stuff going on with yarn. And stuff.

hooking small

Someday I will stop with the blankets. Maybe.