Lately I’ve been a bit of an uncommitted crafter. I don’t have much time to indulge in making and so it feels even worse not to have something I love to work on right now that I can come home to and cuddle with on the couch at the end of a long work day. So I just wander from one work-in-progress to another, never settling into one because the chemistry just isn’t right.

But I think that stack of Oakshott shot cottons I showed you yesterday just put a ring on it. I want to do all sorts of untoward things to those colors. Smooching shot cotton isn’t all that pleasant (don’t ask), but I do plan to commune with it in the way we commune with super sexy textiles. Do you know what I mean? Do ya?

An aside: this romantic metaphor kind of goes off the rails when the rotary cutter comes out, doesn’t it? Yikes.

Lynne shared some scraps of this shot cotton with me while that stack was on the way in the mail. And I immediately dug in with just making some random patchwork to get a feel for how the fabric handles.


I made as many 2.5″ quarter-square triangles I could and then started to improvise with the remaining scraps. Really, these colors kill me! I just wanted to keep combining and re-combining different pairs of colors to see what would happen. It all seemed a bit magical.


Anyway, I’m playing around with some overall design ideas using these QSTs and the improv blocks. It’ll be nice to get going with the stack of fat-eighths and see where things go and it will be a great way to spend some of my free time on my work break next week.

I’m ready to settle down with this project and try some monogamish-ness for a while.