Oops, I was going to just show you a photo as I dash off late to work due to the time change. But I thought I should say a few words.

This fabric is from Oakshott. I have purchased some half-metres and sample squares, Lynne shared some with me, and that stack was a gift from the owner of the company. Now having worked with the fabrics for a week, I’ve spent the entire weekend with an itchy trigger finger, ready to spend more of my hard-earned money on the ultimate: the ColourBox.


I’ve been asked about US sources for purchasing this fabric. The only one I know of right now is Pinwheels, where you can get the striped Longshott fabrics or maybe a short stack of fat quarters of the solids. (They don’t really update their site very often, so you might want to call them directly before ordering.)

I also know that there is at least one shop in the SF Bay Area that plans to carry the fabrics soon. I’ll definitely let you know when they are stocked. For now, if you can spare a few dollars for the postage, it makes some sense to order directly from Oakshott; it is sent via FedEx and delivery has been speedy to me on the US East Coast.

The fabric is high-quality: sturdy and comes in a large selection of colors. On advice from Lynne, I did starch the fabrics in the first pressing. This stabilizes the weave and makes it easier to handle in precision patchwork. This isn’t any extra work; you’ll need to press the folds out before cutting anyway.

Okay, there’s all the dope. Must dash!