Well, so two things have been happening over here, in my classic monogam-ish fashion.

As always, there’s a blanket underway. This one uses 2″ two-round granny squares and could be at the halfway mark, if I just make a 64″ square throw for the couch. It’s only at the 20% mark if I choose to go with a king-sized behemoth.


Unfortunately, I really really want to make another behemoth blanket. Please stop me!

And because it’s getting warm enough to be in my sewing room, I finally got into slicing-dicing mode and started on this quilt.


Of course, I underestimated the amount of fabric I need and I can tell I’m running out, after making 6 of these 16.5″ blocks. Sewing faster doesn’t seem to be helping solve this problem. So I’m slowing down to re-evaluate. I might add some other shot cotton from the stash, or some linen, or or…? I dunno. I love these colors mingling all together in an unadulterated fashion–without neutrals.

By the way, you can now buy 10 colors of Oakshott from A Verb for Keeping Warm in the SF Bay Area. Go visit this great indie yarn/fabric shop in person (and meet little Cleo the wonder weiner dog!) or order online by emailing/Paypal-ing them (see their site for contact info).

I’ll deal with my two very minor crises over the weekend. But please advise, if you have an opinion! The two questions are: small blanket or big? and how to stretch a limited amount of fabrics in an improvisational way?