As RealJob ramps up for the big annual frenzy, I find that I’m suddenly inspired to make ever more things. But I shall continue to exercise monogamish-ness to try to continue to make progress on finishing more things than I start.

Let’s follow up on Friday’s dilemmas!

The blanket is still fun to make. Sometimes I make a square and then immediately seam it onto the blanket. That’s becoming unwieldy to do one by one, so now I’m hooking up about 100 squares (over a few days) that I then seam in one long continuous seam. It’s slow, but I think it’ll be okay. Constructed on the diagonal, the size will be determined by when I decide it is half-done and begin to decrease. Feels like a 72″ square will be just right. Any bigger and I think it will weigh too much to be practical.

well underway.

The quilt is going well! I added three off-brand chambrays from the stash and it stretched the fabrics for improv more than far enough. Half of it is all seamed up and the remaining improv blocks are all done. Just gotta get those last 32 hourglasses done and then the top will be pretty much done! I’ll likely send this one out to a longarmer since I’m ready to move on to finish (and start!) other things now.

On another note, there are some technical difficulties over here. While taking some shots of the patchwork yesterday, my camera media card died and it won’t reformat. After doing every troubleshooting thing I could find online, I await a new card in the mail. There are/were some nice progress shots on there that are likely lost. Meanwhile, I seem to have misplaced my point-and-shoot camera while doing my Spring cleaning last week. So…boo.

Oh well. Have a great week!

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Sorry about this glitch. It’s out of my control and I was never informed of the change.