Gosh, I spent the entire weekend working on that improv quilt using the Oakshotts and a couple of chambrays. Every moment at the machine was truly a joy. Yes, even when wielding the seam ripper to correct my mistakes, I felt engaged in exactly the right enterprise to bring some more calm and happiness to my life. Luckily, it’s only halfway done, so there’s more joy to be had.


This positivity has nicely carried over into the work week. Only two days in, I feel like I live a lifetime each day since they are jam-packed with activity and no time for reflection. All sorts of machines and technology have failed me (or I’ve failed the machine, in the case of my car) and yet there is a can-do attitude buoying me through each crisis. It will be painful when the other shoe drops and I succumb to all the stress, but turning everything into a learning experience is a positivity strategy that’s working for me.

This is a bunch of babbling and I really must dash to RealJob, where I’ll be day-dreaming about sewing some more.

Have a great Wednesday!