Every so often I make the mistake of peeping at my list of works-in-progress. When I do it, I get inspired either to take another one out and try to work on it, or I am inspired to start something totally new. Either way, it blows the monogamish-ness of the moment and productivity slides.

my new obsession.

These little granny squares made with sock yarn and a 2.75mm hook seem ready to be used. I’ve seamed a stack of them before, but ripped it out because the result was way too busy. I came up with an idea that seems to be working to combat that. More on that later. Anyway, looks like the photo above is from January 2010 (taken with my point-and-shoot camera). That square is hooked from some ancient self-striping sock yarn that really didn’t behave well when I tried to knit up socks with it.


What I love about this blanket project is manifold: I am using stash of cruel heartbreaking (variegated) sock yarn. The little-ness of the work is precisely the kind of meticulous task my brain needs during down time these days. It’s portable! And each little granny square is a bit ugly, but my fix for the blanket–as seamed–is great for blending the uglies to make something less offensive-looking.


What about the title of this post? Well, today it is dark and dreary where I live. In almost no light, my 50mm lens managed to capture these other two images. After dropping the lens a year ago, it has become slow to focus and so it rarely comes out to play. But on a lazy Sunday morning, the fiddy is a lovely indulgence for seeing a hook and some wool with seamed blanket bokeh in the background.

I hope you’re having a great weekend!