Things are still all pear-shaped and roller-coaster wild over here at RealJob and in real life. I only get a few moments to make stuff here and there, mostly timed out by re-watching an episode of The Wire or engaging in new-to-me episodes of Homicide: Life on the Street. I feel immersed in the underbelly of Baltimore, which is kind of appropriate since I’ll be there soon. (Well, not there, not in the underbelly, I hope. But, yes, in Baltimore–for just 24 hours for work.)


Because I’ve been waking up at insane times, I found myself with a free hour before going to work last week. Wanting to practice my machine quilting, I whipped up an improvised patchwork top with my leftover Oakshott shot cottons, sandwiched, quilted, and made and attached the binding to the front–all in one hour! ONE HOUR!

Is it okay to admit that that feat made me feel like some sort of sewing BEAST?!?! Hear me roar!




Then it took more than a week to do an uncharacteristically crappy job of handsewing down the binding on the back.



But during the week, I kept taking these close-up shots of the quilting, getting all up in my grill.


Gah. Cotton! I love love love the texture of cotton and the vibrancy of colors in these just slays me.

all up in my grill.

I kinda want to smooch it…again.

a beastly mini