Thanks for all your nice comments about the vajayjay sampler. I make those without charting ahead of time, improvising choice of words and placements as I go. This means that spacing can be a little wonky and more careful word ordering could be achieved, but it’s more fun this way and goes much faster than if I’d pre-planned.

My swap-ee wanted milder, goofier words than my previous sampler designs. I ran out of ideas quickly and so I had to spend an evening reading a couple of dictionaries of slang. The British one is, of course, funnier and cleverer and helped to fill out much of the work. “Numpty,” for example is a fun word to say that isn’t dirty at all. Go ahead, google it.

gooch patchwork

I pocketed this other word that is too harsh for the sampler for a couple of nights. Got to have an interesting conversation over on Twitter about different words for this body part, about The Gooch on Diff’rent Strokes, and about the demise of Gary Coleman.

all up in the gooch grill

But then I had to do something with it. This is another quick one-hour miniquilt project. It’s made with Oakshott scraps on a background of Grunge semisolid. Brown somehow seemed especially appropriate for the word.

quilted gooch

To make up for my recent binding gaffe, I’m taking the binding slowly. So it’s not done yet. But you get the idea.

Have an excellent week!