Making stuff is not happening around here this week; RealJob is more real than usual for the next month and one tends just to hold one’s breath and try to get through. So I live vicariously through the work of others for the moment.

My creation

1. (center) medallion quilt, 2. (top left) Michael Miller challenge block, 3. Guild challenge – I am taking the curves on!, 4. horta, 5. spring lamb, 6. Untitled, 7. spinnage, 8. Bob 2, 9. DQS12 – Sneaky Peek, 10. Belote et rebelote, 11. for jennspen, 12. (untitled) , 13. Old School Library

Have a lovely holiday weekend!

ETA: Free shipping on Oakshott this weekend using the code EASTER. Minimum order amounts apply see here. I got myself a Colourbox because I am a color whore. Join me in color decadence!