While on the topic of therapeutic crafting and without time to make anything to show, I thought we might look at some other meditative projects and ruminate about about the moodiness of what we do. For me, going small is my instinct in this annual time of madness. Those small-unit projects can be frustrating to try to continue when not in this frenzy, though, so some of them remain unfinished and branded as a SLOG.


These 3.5″ log cabins are from Feb 2011. For a week or so, back in that month I budgeted an hour a day to work on them and enjoyed every minute of it. But this just hangs out there, patiently waiting. The logs are small–just 1″ unfinished–and are meant to find a use for some smaller scraps that most folks might trash.

I wonder how long it’ll take to get this one done? Or how long will it take me to trust that it is destined to be part of something small?

I dunno.

Creating is so moody.