When it comes to precision patchworking, I absolutely have to be in the right mood to make myself do it. On top of that, assembly-line piecing feels like drudgery. So once I got this quilt top all-but-done (just needing 32 more 2.5″ QSTs), all the fun seemed gone. It took a month to finish up.


The Oakshott fabrics are still a joy to work with. I just re-stocked with the motherlode ColourBox and I am bursting with ideas for how to use them all at once.


Before that, however, I hope to finish this current quilt and get a few more works-in-progress completed.


And I might just want to stare and wonder how they make so many happy happy colors. ALL the 83 colors of Oakshott shot cotton are in this; some appear only in small bits and others are repeated here and there.


It is hard to get a full-sized shot that shows the glorious colors off. Maybe that’s okay?