So…do you know about the Blogger’s Quilt Festival?

Amy's Creative Side

I thought I’d share an old one with you this time.

Back in 2005, my sister gave me a sewing machine for my birthday. It was a simple model Brother that kind of changed my life. That year was stressful (though little did I know that things could get even more challenging) and somehow learning how to work on precision patchwork kept me afloat from day to day. That year she celebrated a big birthday ending in a zero, so I decided to try to make a fancy quilt for her.

With stacks of blue and cream fat quarters and a new-found love of the depression block, I thangled my way through the hsts and then hand-quilted for months. (It would take six years for me to muster the courage to learn how to machine quilt.)

Chinene's Quilt update

I loved every moment of the quilting. Fondling cotton is an amazing sensory process that I wish I could indulge in more often.

Birthday Quilt

And she liked it!