I used to put disclaimers on these things, but I think the title is clear enough. If use of the full English language disturbs the permanent bee in your bonnet, then come back later in the week, please.

After sorting contributed f*ck blocks by color, it took me just a minute to realize this will be the biggest quilt I’ve ever made. Whoa. Using the Osnaburg and sashing randomly, I just started log cabin building. (Definitely excuse the messes! The studio exploded in a frenzy on Sunday.)


With 40″ square after only 10 blocks, it became clear that that wide sashing has to be used sparingly. Yikes.


So I started building outward following the color spectrum. Reds and pinks moved to oranges and yellows. I’ll finish this on the right with a column of greens. It’ll then measure about 100″ x 40″ and still use fewer than half of the blocks.


Turns out that blue was the most popular f*ck color in this project! Seems surprising. Anyway, either these will float atop the blues or the blues will frame this. And then finally we’ll get to the purples and greys and blacks.

Due to space issues you can begin to detect here, this might be as much as I can show of the patchwork as it grows. But I’m already working on quilting ideas and a finding a way to get a professional photoshoot…