After the indulgence of Sunday, I took a couple more days off. Well, I’ve been working a few hours each day, but allowed myself some waking hours not to work. Vacation kind of is wasted on me, it seems. But I could get used to this time for reflection and renewal.

The Virtues Project continues, of course.

Last week I mentioned that forgiveness is hard for me and the stitchery has been no different. To begin with, the font is non-intuitive. Normally, a chart makes sense after brief study and the alphabet flows from the needle with just intermittent glances at the grid. However, every little square of this one feels unfamiliar. You’ll see below that the spacing (kerning) has also been a challenge.


Worse yet, though? I misspelled forgiveness, skipping the v and the e and hopping straight to the n. Actually, I should make mistakes like this more often, given the way I hold my fabric (rolled up, gripped in one hand and tensioned in the other; no hoop). But, in terms of the message that opened up, the error didn’t bug me in the least. This strip is dedicated to forging forgiveness, with statements on mercy already planned to come after this.

And isn’t that how forgiveness happens? Sure, most transgressions can be put into perspective easily and we ignore-forgive or we quickly-forgive without missing a beat. However, there are those times when forgiveness is the last thing on one’s mind. It takes time, it takes thought, and sometimes it takes an olde-timey parley to reach any chance of forgiving. We have to forge the forgiveness by weakening steely resolves and carefully rebuilding the relationship.

On the other hand, I was looking forward to leaving this font behind soon. I must admit that it slowed me down enough to contemplate this virtue at the right time in a deeper way. Perhaps finishing this piece will heal even more? My minimal hope is that I spell forgiveness correctly this time.