Having any free time on my hands gets to be dangerous after a while, discipline slips and new projects get started willy-nilly. Most of those just end up on the swatch pile or incorporated into scrappy patchwork later, but they are invaluable doodles of ideas. Ideas! I’ll show you more of these doodles later.

While cleaning up my photo folders yesterday I found a quilt made in April that I never mentioned here. Do you remember those Oakshott shot cottons I played with? They became this quilt top that is desperately in need of quilting?


Yeah. Well, there were loads of scraps and improv blocks leftover. I couldn’t just let those fabrics sit there so I improv-ed them together into a few scrappy miniquilts.

some improv

Seriously, those colors just kill me! You can kind of see the difference in the warp/weft here.


My favorite diamond quilting grid. It’s really easy to make this work on a miniquilt. But I just worry that I’ll wreck a full-sized quilt top. Grrrr.

calling the 'shotts

Yeah, the middle one says gooch. You know what it ain’t.

Luckily, I have restocked with Oakshott shot cottons and so the fun never need end. But, really, it’s time to finish some things before starting more new things. Right?