And I should go back more often. It really was just lovely to be there experiencing every moment, so I took very few photos. Here’s the view from the hotel room. (That’s not smog; it’s just a blurry tiltshift. heh.)


I pretty much walked everywhere, because I had the time and the weather was alright. Mid-trip, I had to meet some folks at Grand Central Station.


We popped over to the public library.



And then the camera never came out again.

The whole trip was about intensive work work work and then about seeing lots of people people people.

Visited Habu, where some yarn and some Japanese indigo cotton fabrics became mine.


(I named the little blue cashmere one George. I shall pet it and hug it and feed it and keep it safe and warm.)

And Purl Soho, where lots of fabrics and yarn were fondled. Carrying just a small bag, I kept myself in control with stashing.


Ate lots of casual food, mainly from little local diners and trucks. (Meatballs! Tacos! Falafels! Gyros! Fries!) Went to see Blue Man Group (in the poncho seats). Saw a Percy Shelley exhibit at the public library. Got lost quite a bit. And much much more!

It was a great week!