Sorry about the cryptic nature of the title of Wednesday’s post. I have, indeed, frogged that garter stitch log cabin blanket and started to incorporate the yarn into many new blanket projects. This is it’s own sort of reinvention. It’s also quite illustrative of the fact that knitting is just a pastime for me. The products don’t matter as much as the chance to indulge in the process of knitting.

Anyway, today I wanted to revisit a project from May and direct you towards a book worthy of your time.

I have long admired Maya Donenfeld and her work with up-cycling textiles into newly reinvented forms. She has written a book about her process, Reinvention: Sewing with Rescued Materials, and it is profiled over on Sew Mama Sew. I had already received my own copy of the book–purchased directly from Maya–by the time their post went up. The book is really a lovely presentation of Maya’s own ethos and the patterns are well-written. It will be a joy to explore these projects soon.

In conjunction with the profile over there, there was a Summer Reinvention Challenge. (Scroll down to see the entries here.) Long story short, I entered the Sharecropper miniquilt that I made back in May and it won!

Sharecropper quilt

Details about the fabrics and reinvention process are over here on the original blog post.

Sharecropper quilt

Big thanks to Elspeth for sending me the fabric and to Maya and the Sew Mama Sew folks for this honor!