Ever get so sick that you sleep through a week? Yeah, I’m thankful that I had this past week of vacation to catnap in between coughing fits. Actually, I ended up getting an enormous amount of RealJob work done from home too, but I am severely behind on the news. Did anything happen last week?

There were tons of BIG CRAFTING PLANS for the vacation week too. Mostly it was just a long list of completed quilt tops that would be quilted. [Okay, yeah, then they’d languish on the “needs binding” list. Whatever. Shut up.] Unfortunately, it feels weird to move my head around at all, so the idea of wrangling quilts through the machine was out of the question.

When I popped into the sewing room to tidy a little and fondle some fabric, I found this finished miniquilt that I never showed you.

linear mini

Well, several weeks ago actually, I made a big quilt top with these 1.5″ strips of solids, assembled in a different fashion. This was just a way to feel accomplished: that is, by making a miniquilt with the leftovers, I got to feel all good about myself, even though I also felt ashamed to fold up the big quilt top and add it to the teetering pile of the to-be-quilted.

Oy. I feel like I need to go to some sort of quilter’s confessional.

And I need soup…chicken soup.