This one started twice.

The first start began last October with 1.5″ wide strips of solids from the scrap bins. The fabrics are all sorts of brands. You name a brand, it’s in there. Inspired by Tonya’s Lego Quilt and using my own ad hoc techniques, I started piecing little 6.5″ blocks to assemble later.

up close

Well, those blocks just got shifted around the house a bit for a few months. Somehow they had no purpose.

The second start began back in April with a miniquilt with a gooch (you know what it ain’t) a couple of months ago. I got it into my head that I’d make a series of (mini)quilts of odd words for absolutely no good reason. And then Jacey and I threw around some ideas of styles (embroidery! applique!) and words and themes (Ron! bacon! falafel! tahini!) and considered doing a wordy QAL. Of course, we were both more ambitious than we reasonably should have been at the time. Someday we’ll collaborate. This just wasn’t our time.

Meanwhile, however, other friends and folks were offering words to textilize and my little to-do list kept growing. When cacophony came up, I remembered those blocks. What sort of patchwork could be more cacophonous than those?


Er, well, actually I can imagine a textile-y way to be more cacophonous, but these ready-to-go blocks were the cacophonous path for the lazy, time-constrained quilter. I decided to build the patchwork out only as far as the prepared fabric pieces would go and then called it quits.

The backing is some commercial patchwork made with madras plaids. Color-wise, this was a great pairing, but having tons of seams in both quilt top and backing is a terrible idea! Quilting required some 4-wheel drive technical maneuvers to navigate the terrain on the machine. Oy. But I love the pairing still and am okay with some shortened quilting stitches here and there.


Oh and I added a little boro ditty just to see how it would look after laundering. I might go back and add more of these for textural fun and more cacophony.


Of course, though this entire project was serendipity in action from beginning to end, it has inspired some plans. Plans, I say!


The Details
“Pattern”: scrappy improv using 1.5″ strips of fabric; similar to how i made this patchwork
Materials: various scraps of solids; backing is madras plaids
Techniques: machined pieced; machine quilted; and hand-bound
Finished size: 60″ x 40″
Started: October 14, 2011
Finished: June 18, 2012

* from an online dictionary definition.