I. Introduction:

  • Lament inability to communicate effectively today; apologize for outline format of blog post and for sketchiness of explanations; preserving sensitivity for individuals (whether they deserve it or not).
  • Express joy about finishing quilt and happiness about remembering old “friends” while quilting this week.
  • How my (crafting) life has changed in past six years.

II. Social media, Crafting, and Crafters:

  • Recall the “good old days” of the past six years online; supportive, edifying and encouraging communities of crafters. A certain innocence and trust back then; sort of gone now–both a good and bad thing.
  • Pre-Ravelry, pre-Twitter, early FB; but there were vibrant forums on Flickr. Could learn about anything quickly from those with demonstrated knowledge. Lots of inspiration and information.
  • Also? How community of crafters is still a microcosm: queen bees and wannabes; peer pressure; bullies; assorted usual bullpoopy. Some do jail time too.

III. Generosity of Crafters:

  • Some crafters are generous, sharing materials and knowledge freely.
  • Symbiotic. Sometimes giving helps; giver needs to get rid of stuff (i.e., scraps) to free up space or minimize.
  • I exchange: give back new stuff (i.e., yardage, books, FOs).

IV. What about the quilt?

  • Note pre-2009 drabness of my own quilting fabric choices and then contrast with dramatic transformation in 2009 due to infusion of other folks’ scraps.
  • “The Quilt That Flickr Built” celebrates this sharing and is transitional in my own use of  style/colors. Navy blue, brown still prevalent, though brights and modern prints barge in. Also first time using text in a quilt.
  • Note that this is not a bee quilt. Folks just shared scraps with me.
  • Patchwork completed in two months in 2009, but no machine quilting skillz yet then. Top waited 3 years. Quilting took one day.

V. Conclusion:

  • Blah blah blah. Here are some photos and more details than you really want.

the "Quilt that Flickr Built": needs borders


TQTFB: just needs names




The Details:

Pattern: scrappy log cabin and rail fence with freehand patchwork letters (now found in Word Play Quilts.
Materials: cotton and linen fabric scraps from my flickr peeps (their 2009 locations)–Ann (VA), Ashley (MI), Bertha (MA), Carol (CA), Dawn (England), Janet (TX), Jocelyn (Canada), Julie (VA), Katie (WA), Kelly (TX), Kristy (NJ), Leslie (NE), Malka (TX), Naomi (CA), Nora (Australia), Pam (MI), Rachel (NC), Rebecca (WA), Sarah (CT), Silja (Finland), Strikkelise (Norway), Theresa (PA), Wanett (NY), and Yahaira (NJ).
Techniques: improvisational machine piecing; an additional underlying log cabin construction [similar to a Kaffe Fassett design (yes, that is the same as Babette)]; machine quilted; hand bound
Patchwork Size: 70″ square

Patchwork Started: May 2, 2009
Patchwork Finished: July 4, 2009
Quilt Finished: June 20, 2012