These are the height of intellectualism, folks. Live-tweeting a journey.

4:21 AM sure, i’m awake. but moving slowly. these early morning flights are painful. and i predict i’ll get stuck in ATL due to storm.

6:12 AM A very cold morning. But finally on plane and ready for the FL heat.

8:16 AM A wobbly landing of the mosquito plane in ATL. Now 2 hour layover. Coffee! Coffee!

8:24 AM 12 folks ahead of me at Starbucks. How will I survive? Oh coffee. Precious coffee. Come to me. Now!

8:40 AM I want to write an ode to the beautiful Bean of Life.

8:51 AM People-watching at the ATL. Lots of ill-fitted suits, flipflops, and cutoffs. Kinda want to hem some pants now.

8:59 AM I’ve never had Cinnabon. Looks deadly, but definitely calling to me in my weakened sleepless state.

9:15 AM Folks, my autocorrect knows the word dickbucket. Ahem.

9:21 AM Planned to spend layover doing work email but no one has written me. Guess it’s too early? So I’m knitting! The day is getting better!

my morning

9:51 AM waiting in the ATL.

10:14 AM maybe should have skipped the BIG coffee. totally wired. i feel like Tweek.

10:21 AM now dreaming about lunch. will immediately negotiate for BBQ. real pit BBQ. i miss the South, mainly for the food.

10:31 AM one thing i don’t complain about is delays due to maintenance on planes. please do fix that shizzle before i get inside it. thanks.

10:31 AM folks getting pissy about a short delay. sheesh.

10:41 AM also, i successfully avoided Cinnabon once again. whew.


11:25 AM Still at ATL. Air Force One just landed here. Can see it across tarmac.

11:26 AM Little kids waving at plane at the window. Cute.

11:29 AM Still on maintenance delay. Buncha RealMen watching at window as if they can offer useful advice.

11:36 AM I guess when they take your flight off the boards it is okay to get pissy. We seem stuck in the ATL.


12:03 PM My balls are all in a tangle.

12:03 PM Yarn balls, that is.

12:05 PM Hooray! Looks like we might board now!


1:32 PM Whew, arrived. And hungry. So hungry.

9:01 PM it’s raining elephants out there. wish there were some sun, but this was such a classic FL day too. rain, BBQ and friends. hooray!