Okay, okay, my “blanket measles” are really “freckles” and there will be more. Thanks for the advice, folks! As the work grows, the progress slows: there’re just two more rows added since Monday. Oy.

How about some faves? I’m dreaming of getting some time to sew…

Some faves

1. Rainbow dresdens 2, 2. Amanda’s project, 3. a little perspective…, 4. Harlequin Quilt, 5. The Ron Swanson Along, 6. numbers, 7. Sparkle Punch Close Up 1, 8. www.flickr.com/photos/73521675@N00/701801452/in/faves-cau…, 9. Rainbow Derecho Quilt in Progress, 10. bloom petals completed, 11. Pinspired Quilt, 12. 3pm