This weekend I went here.


And while I waited for my companions to tucker themselves out from all the amusement available, I amused myself with this.


Seemed appropriate to read the American food issue of Lucky Peach while picking at this sad chicken cheesesteak. [How about a review of the fare? Here goes: the chicken had the texture of balsa wood and the “special white cheese sauce” was definitely something to avoid. I ate the sauteed onions and peppers that weren’t glopped with the sauce and nibbled at the bread on the margins. The ambience was challenging at best with the soundtrack predominantly the (happy) screams of a thousand little children, when not drowned out by a bowling tournament on the four big screen teevees. Of course, it was decent for amusement park food.]

And there was a ton of interesting people-watching available. It was fascinating to observe parents and kids and the various ways they interacted. A woman changed a diaper on the restaurant table next to me. (eww.) I overheard a conversation about inner-tubing in a river in FL and encountering alligators. (Small world!) And the waterpark made folks trot out loads of ill-fitting swimsuits the likes of which haven’t yet completely scrubbed from my memory.

It was more fun to re-engage there with this blanket project that I started a year ago.


The tiny granny squares are made with Vesper Sock Yarn that I’ve had in the stash for years. I even bought a few more skeins last year, intending to make a big blanket.


Seems like a good time to put the crazypants back on and really make this one. Gonna need more yarn but I can’t decide if I want to stick to the Vesper yarn or break out the sock yarn stash and start to make a dent. Eh, we’ll see.

I hope you had a great weekend!