Well, I have next to zero time to be making stuff right now, but I’m trying to make some decisions about how to be optimally productive.

This knit blanket is curling and waving in ways that scare me, so I shall frog it and begin again with a bigger needle (US2 too small; will try US3) and swatch with different increase stitches.

lightweight blobular knitting

Feels good to be proactive to adjust before this gets much bigger and the investment of time more deep. But still…

Of course, I’ll also cannibalize that yarn to contribute to the blanket of tiny granny squares. Even with a zillion hanks of Vesper sock yarn here, it’s clear that a big blanket will eat up zillions more. Instead of investing in more Vesper, I’ll use these sock yarn scraps and start using my own handdyed stash for a change. Heh.


The plan is to go more improvised in both color and size of squares. The two-color ones in this are too muddy, so I’ll also be unseaming this piece to put them all together further apart in the blanket. They’ll be spaced out more with more solid squares. This will make the little crosses pop out more anyway. Maybe?

Can you feel my blanket-y angst?