…or Crafturdays, as they are known around these parts. It’s been a long, long time since I had a carefree day to indulge in deep reflection with colorful playtime and somehow I carved out a few hours yesterday for exactly this.

after crafturday

Sure, I get to make a square here or there during the week, on the go and with just guilty thoughts about the RealJob work that should be the focus of all my time. That minimal engagement is necessary when it’s all I can do, but I’m talking about arranging for a serious infusion of colors and joy into my soul. This takes time :: time to slough off the heaviness of life to be able to truly immerse oneself in the enterprise of play.

I think it shows in the work. The early region (on the bottom left) is dark and still a little muddy, while the new edges around the top and right are lighter and dance more. Eh,…could just be me.

It’ll be harder to get full-on shots of the project as it grows. Here’s a non-square schematic of the progress so far that kind of motivates me to keep on hooking and plan where to go next. [The dark part is what’s done. The rest is yet to come.]


I hope you had a great Crafturday too!