As much as I can belly-ache about RealJob, I am even worse at having time off. Seriously, vacation days are kind of wasted on me unless I can manage to get far far far far far far from here. Took the weekend off and then got right back to work even though there are still 11 days of frolicking available. Oh well.

Yesterday, we did arrange an evening with pompelmo palomas and some nachos and some crochet. And started watching the first season of The Killing. It’s a slow-moving show, but the main character is complex and compelling so we’ll keep going with it.

Anyway, want to know more about my process? I gather up various colors of yarn (both scraps and fresh stash) into a small basket and try to manage without too much chaos. Self-striping yarn makes it efficient to keep more colors in a small space. (Also: one stripe=one small granny square.) But I am getting bored with this collection of colors, so I’ll augment from stash with a few more.

vacation squares

I’m thinking it could be less unwieldy to continue if I start a new patchwork piece that will be seamed onto this one. My only worry is about color discontinuity and the potential for undesirable juxtapositions of colors, sizes, etc when they get put together. Eh…whatever. Maybe there’s no need to worry?

vacation squares

You can see in the top right corner of this that the only dangling ends are on the edges of the piece of work. The only way to retain any semblance of sanity is to take care of that as I go. Crochet makes that simple.

vacation squares

Gonna work every day still, but maybe just half-days? There’s a gigantor quilt desperately needing my attention.

Have a great day!