Every so often I collect up some inspirational photos from flickr and collage them. Clearly, quilts are on my mind…and colors. Too many colors, really.

Friday Faves: the one with ALL the colors

1. Hexistacks, 2. DHWQ – tucking in threads, 3. Denyse’s Giant Granny, 4. @amanda_threadbias Warhol Ron Swanson Along quilt! Love this so much!, 5. Close Up, 6. Bloom Quilt, 7. Christmas Lone Star, 8. Reverse Applique Circles, 9. Amazing Technicolor Dream Scrap Quilt, 10. LA Hexagons & Stars all blocks and diamonds FINISHED, 11. band of woven thread, 12. modern drunkard’s path – the all print version

Have a great weekend!