The benefit of a few days off from RealJob is progress on a few things. This blanket truly owns me right now and it’s difficult to tear away from it for a while.

That big yellow square has been my favorite for a couple of weeks; it’s the last of some sock yarn that I hanyddyed with turmeric a few years ago.


This chart feels like a report card sort of. Still “needs improvement but progress is expected if only she’ll hunker down.”

Picture 1

The latest quadrant of progress benefited from the infusion of scraps from the super awesome Vicki who sent me the sweetest care package last week. Tiny balls of happiness, some wool wash, and a hank of her own red…mmm. The floral card with her own gorgeous photography was just the icing on this woolen cake.


I’m holding on to her handdyed hank for the next wave of new color infusion, which will happen sometime next week. Red and yellow seem to run out the quickest!

Have a great week!