After a redwork week like this one was, I thought it’d be good to cool off with some faves.

— My buddy, Sonya Philip, has been making lovely dresses for her 100 Acts of Sewing project. It’s always fun and impressive to see her new creations and then daydream about making my own wardrobe of dresses like hers. Check out the gallery on her site and consider taking a workshop with her.

— Steven over at Bitches Get Stitches nominated me for one of those chain-letter-esque blog awards. I don’t really do those things, but I’ll figure out how to participate in some small way because I think he’s kinda awesome. Maybe next week…but for now you should go read his fun posts.

— And some flickr faves! I seriously want to raid that jam cabinet.

My creation

1. RGB Modern – quilting detail, 2. Tip-Top!!!, 3. Old fashioned, 4. Last night’s stars., 5. blue, white, red, 6. farmer mcgregor front, 7. Week 5/2-4, 8. Pemberton Slow Food Cycle 2012, 9. july ba{m}s, 10. 2012.20: Summer labors, 11. look what came to live with me!!!, 12. Knit Jacket