Thanks, folks, for your kind comments and words of wisdom about Todd’s No-Baby Baby Quilt and the incident that inspired it. I won’t be able to respond to every comment individually, but please understand that I truly appreciate all the feedback—whether positive or negative. Thanks!

RealJob is back in gear with intensity so there’s less time for making stuff. In stolen moments, though, these little squares pile up and then I seam them all up when there’s a bit more time to spare.

Just wanted to mention again that the yarn is from my stash, and gifts of scraps from Vicki, Kristi, Michelle and Tina. Another surprise box arrived from Michelle yesterday and I swooned a little in gratitude. Actually most of the colors are Vesper Sock Yarn from stash and some scraps from the dyer, where one stripe makes one of the small squares. I am grateful to my scrap donors for sharing their woolen wealth and diversifying my color palette. Thanks!

mo' colors, mo' happy


mo' colors, mo' happy

The configurations feel less improvisational when working from batches of squares, which is a little weird. Maybe adding more colors to the mix will help? Or taking a short break?

Eh…we’ll see. Have a great weekend!