— Right after I published this post I saw that my friend, Sonya, has a guest post over on WhipUp. Go read more about her 100 Acts of Sewing!

— And have you seen Megan’s scrap quilt of amazingness? Sheesh.

— Here are some flickr faves too…

Some faves: the end of summer edition

1. the new poncho!, 2. P090412PS-0695, 3. Whitby : the perfect British seaside town…, 4. 2012.36: Bye, summer., 5. Centro de mesa em formato de fractal — Doily in fractal format, 6. Love you shitty pin cushion, 7. I see you, 8. cloth napkins, 9. 100 Quilts for Kids Blocks, 10. Rainbow of Minis from Shades of Light, 11. Anewpiece, 12. be inspired quilt., 13. Q3: Hive J Solids, 3×6 Sampler Quilt Mini Bee, 14. Farmer’s Market, 15. wind8, 16. ~~~~