Oh boy, RealJob kind of hit me like a ton of bricks this week! But I got a huge project done and am ready to play with colors. Stay tuned for a f*ck quilt, more growth of that blanket, and random redwork. And StashPact II: Electric Bugaloo is set to begin soon! More details later.

Here are some faves from this week. Seems like cooler weather is on the way.

Friday Faves: the one with the smart baby

1. 9/9/12, 2. Texture – 2ply 3Ways yarn from COLORBOMB Creations, 3. fru Terje Vigen, 4. Untitled, 5. Black and white. Bathroom floors in my office (in a historic bldg). #fmsphotoaday, 6. SP QAL so far!, 7. What took so long, Campbell’s?, 8. Skitchbook Tutorial & Giveaway, 9. Finished!, 10. The Way to Pippa’s Heart is Through a Blanket, 11. Baby’s first campaign rally., 12. x and + blocks

Have a great weekend!!!