A couple of years ago I participated in a gathering of gatherers who committed to make stuff from crafty stashes and refrain from adding to stashes for a period of time. It worked out well for me because I took the time to ruminate about why I buy fabric, yarn, and spinning fiber so much. [Note that I left books off of that list, but really… there is no bigger book ho than I am.]

I tend to buy supplies in times of high stress—especially when I have no time to use the new supplies. I buy when I’m bored. I buy when I want to celebrate. And, worst of all, I buy and then I forget.

Most of my projects for the past four years used solely fabric and yarn scraps from other folks. It truly is unusual for new yardage to get used over here. So stashing is doubly dumb for me.

But you can get new colors of Shelter now!

new Shelter

Nevermind that I own a mountain of all the old colors already…for another one of those blankets.

And, really, who can resist a stack of Chicopee? Sheesh, I’m only human.


Ugh. I feel like I’m about to fall into a turkey-tryptophan coma from all the crafty stuff bulging out at the seams. Yep, it’s time for another pact. Molly and I are hosting it in a flickr group. Join the group and share! Show us your works-in-progress, share your tips on how to resist that new! shiny! thing on sale. Seriously, it’s relaxed. You choose the duration of your pact, you choose what you restrict. There is no Stash Police, but we will be mutually supportive throughout.

Won’t you join us? Click on over here.