I’ve been dragging my feet on that f*ck quilt for months and months because I fear messing up folks’ work. The blocks sat there on the sewing table out in the open, taunting me every time I tried to work around them to sew something else. Now, I finished the piecing in one day, so there must have been something that happened in the last few days to spur me on, right?


Via the conduit of my friend Lynne, I’ve met a sweet fabric sugardaddy over at Oakshott. (Gosh, I hope he doesn’t mind me calling him that!) From time to time, I poke into that wonderland of colors and buy half-metres of shot cotton and I even splurged on a ColourBox for myself once. But I have also gotten gifts of fabric stacks from him to make stuff with. You might recall this improvisational project that still needs to be quilted?

I’ve felt a little guilty about not getting around to using all the Oakshott stash I’ve amassed through purchases and gifts. And then a sugar cube of fat eighths of Lipari showed up on my doorstep on Friday out of the blue. (It’s the tied bundle in the photo.) I stacked it with the Lipari half-metres I bought last spring and with the sort of tropical colors of a fat quarter gift bundle (on the right in the photo) just to see how well the colors would blend.

Oakshott stacks

I think we have a winning combo, don’t you? And, really, who can wait when fabric like this is making design ideas pop into your head every 5 seconds?

Tonight is all about pressing and starching the folds out of these and starting to set up for doing some mock-up blocks to make decisions about how to proceed. I might even nip into the ColourBox (which is still safely preserved in its shrink-wrap) to expand the palette of colors.

Anyway, thanks Michael and Lynne for bringing the sewing mojo back to me! Cheers!