Just wanted to share some more things with you before the weekend.

— Thanks to Kathreen over at WhipUp, apparently I am in Australian Quilters Companion magazine this month. (That’s my tiny log cabin miniquilt there in the photo.) If anyone can help me get a copy of this magazine, I’d be very grateful and trade ya for crafty stuff.

toot in the middle, vajayjay on the side

— A while ago my buddy, Nicke and I agreed to do a (mildly) potty-mouthed swap. I made her this va-jay-jay sampler. And she agreed to make me a fancy poo. No really, it’s very fancy and pretty, despite the subject matter!

We’ve had very little natural light around here this week so I haven’t gotten any decent photos to show you Nicke’s amazing work. But here’s a peek of the extra loveliness she made. Nicke ALSO stitched up one of my favorite quotations and turned it into a scrappy miniquilt!

luck and work

I love it! And I promise there will be more photos later, including that fancy poo. Thanks, Nicke!

— And here are some faves from flickr. My brain is cluttered with ideas and I can’t seem to focus at all. Yikes. Hoping to find some direction this weekend.

Friday Faves: the one with so many stitches

1. (center) DSC_0750, 2. Modern Alphabet Cross Stitch, 3. Pinwheels, 4. Plus pillow top, 5. Pieced Quilt Log Cabin Courthouse Steps Mennonite 1875, 6. at JPL, 7. gaso, 8. building bigger blocks, 9. T-Caroling, 10. HST Scraps, 11. Crazy quilt alpaca, 12. colorwork, 13. Fractal 54

Have a great weekend!!