Every time I think I’m getting closer to reining in the yarn stash, I discover more yarn in my house. There must be some sort of woolen enchantment on the place.

Last weekend, I dug up this old work-in-progress, started back in January 2010. Back then I was just trying to find a new use for a sock yarn that wouldn’t behave well as socks.

my new obsession.

And then it just became fun to make a tiny granny square here or there with every heartbreaking variegated sock yarn that ever entered my house. It was a sort of useful exile. And for almost three years I’ve just come back to the project here and there without every committing to it.

There’s quite the stack of squares now. And in finding them, I found more of my own sock yarn scraps. Combining them with gifts of scraps from Vicki, Kristi, Michelle and Tina, makes a giant mountain to be used.


Seems like it’s time to hunker down. Mainly I think fear of all those colors together kept me from working on it. But random-ish, careful combos have been working out.

Hooker, ho!