In the past few days, a few folks have asked to know more about me. Because this is a place where I talk about my artistic and crafty process and due to the sensitivity of most components of my RealJob, I don’t really present much about my life here.

That’s not accurate.

Most of the things I make are inspired by stuff happening in my life and I am careful to try to record the inspiration here, along with comments about the process.

For instance, I happen to be on a continual quest to know myself. (Oy, that sounds pompous. Sorry.) Sometimes I wonder quite broadly about it and end up making large-scale commentaries on lingustics and politics, like Todd’s No-Baby Baby Quilt. At other times, however, I focus closer.

This week, I decided to try a self-portrait. This is the first in what likely will be a series, thank goodness, since I think this is a disaster. It will all end up in the pile of redwork–started more than four years ago–that I call Fragments. And then all of that will become a traditional-yet-modern redwork quilt that somehow is a representation of me.


I think that that set of Fragments says a great deal about who I am, but one kind of needs to meet me to see how it all connects.

And here’s a glimpse at my Sunday morning of wielding red pens, you know, to fill in more of the gaps.

new project?

I hope this satisfies some folks’ curiosities…for now. And I hope you have a better Sunday than I will have!