Another way to know someone is by the company they keep. Lately, I feel an embarrassment of riches in artsy and craftsy folks I consort with. Everyone who visits here is incredibly supportive of my exploits and many reach out to offer even more fellowship and sometimes help. I am grateful for your feedback—whether positive or negative. Thanks!

A few swaps and gifts have landed recently. Let’s see the fruit-based technology app shots.

First, I mentioned these sewn swapped delights from Nicke before and finally got a couple of photos. In exchange for a potty-mouthed cross stitch sampler, she made me a fancy poop quilt block.


And she added this scrappy miniquilt, embroidered with one of my favorite quotations.


And then Jacey heard my pleas and sent me a surprise care package of Moon Pies—a classic dessert from my homeland that is rare to find up here. Heh. She tucked in one of her sweet owl-y pouches and other sweetness too! [She recently opened up a shop with loads of patchwork-y loveliness.]


Third, I snatched up Amanda‘s recent destash of a couple pounds of some scraps of solid fabrics and, as a surprise, she included one of her recent screenprints. [You can see more of her work in her shop. I bought a tote bag from her that I use all the time.] I haven’t stopped singing this song all weekend.


Finally, fourth, Kay packed this sampler of Biggan dk yarn off to me, to support the ongoing blanket frenzy! Don’t you just love those colors?


Thanks, friends! You spoil me in the sweetest way.