There’s no time and I am in a frenzy. Only a couple weeks before this prolonged nightmare is over. So let me just throw some stuff out there to ruminate on without too much commentary.

Yeah, and this quilt isn’t finished yet, but we gotta go there, you know, back into the dark, warm, cozy place we all came from. And we have to remember that we all have grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, nieces, teachers, preachers, nuns, doctors, nurses, lawyers, law-makers, astronauts…veritable “binders full of women” who brought us into this world, nurtured us, inspired us, and deserve our respect and admiration.



Yeah, look it up. Cooze was new to me a couple of weeks ago. It has a some super dirty connotations, but it’s just ladyparts. And I think it’d be okay to say out loud in Michigan even though vagina is off-limits.

Go educate yourself about the future of women’s healthcare. Many focus on the extremes, but a by-product of that is that benefits are being eliminated by legislatures; clinics are closing and (mainly low-income) women are losing access to basic preventative healthcare like prenatal care, pap smears, and mamograms.

Learn about how pregnancies due to rape are just gifts from God.

Maybe watch this.


Do something.