well, so Hurricane Sandy whacked us hard here. RealJob has been closed for three days. there’s no power there or at my house. but they’re running generators and weak wifi for those who couldn’t escape at RealJob, so i’m huddled on a bench outside in the cold to write this brief update.

one of the “benefits” of getting smacked back to pre-Edison is that i’m getting loads of reading done, getting plenty of sleep at night (due to boredom and lack of flashlights), and finishing epic king-sized quilts.


i wish i had power so i could use this time to sneak in a little more machine sewing on a new project, but alas…


buried in a clusterf*ck.


gotta wait for drier weather to get a full-sized photo of the whole quilt. it is super fun to stare at. the longarm quilter, Pam Cole, agreed.

i hope you’re all safe, sound, and warm. looks like we won’t have electricity here for a few more days. see you next week!