Re-Published: with fundraising giveaway info below

The thing with euphemism samplers is that they are unending: there are always more themes and there are always more euphemisms (or variations of euphemisms) that one could include. There is a sense of adventure in embarking on a new one just because playing with language is fun and it is fascinating to learn about new-to-me English usage. But sometimes the research to source the text can be stressful—I have seen things I wish I could un-see and I’ve read about some things I could safely have died not knowing existed. Gunshy is too mild to describe my state of mind after last week’s Really Redwork.

So I was quite grateful for an email last week from my buddy Steven. He said he sourced most of his list of vaginal terms from an episode of The L-Word. After playing with the list for a couple of days, I kind of vaguely recall that I saw that episode sometime, despite my long-term lack of cable.


There are all sorts of issues that arise when designing a sampler. The main consideration at play here was that I wanted to use almost all the list he sent (I think I skipped only two). So I used a finer weave of linen than usual and chose a back stitch font, which resulted in letters that are less than 1/8″ wide. To keep the two edges reasonably straight, I also crowd-sourced some other (shorter) terms from friends.

down there

This was a fun, quick design made more fun with the help of my buddies. Thanks!

On another note…Steven and I have been chatting for almost a year about a quilt I’ve designed for him. In fact, I have more sketches than is reasonable and purchased two different sets of fabrics so that I can make one for him and one for me. I’ll eventually make them, but there’s something more challenging about this one than any other I’ve made—further explanation of this will be good exploration later. Anyway, look to hear more about Steven’s influence on my work later.

Definitely check out Steven’s lovely knitting on his blog and consider contributing to his World AIDS Day project on December 1.

ETA: This sampler is a prize in Steven’s fundraiser now! See the prize page for the full listing. He’s doing a good thing for a worthy organization. Here are the details on his World AIDS Day project on December 1.