Up next over here is quilting George, a quilt started back in July 2010.

George's sausage is moderately huge.

But there’s no time for any of that this week. So I thought I’d share some random things with you…

1. Have you seen Dan’s most recent patchwork? It’s some amazing amalgamation of precision and free piecing. Totally swoon-worthy.

2. And Geta’s overlay trapunto work is mesmerizing.

3. The Stash Pact II group is still buzzing with folks thinking about stash and how to manage it. The discussions are on-going so you can jump in and join us now if you like. [Apparently Black Friday was a minefield of desire.] The projects shared are lovely and inspirational.

4. Also over on flickr, I spilled the truth about some bee blocks. It is an admission of my own dumbness and a path to a clear mind.

5. Awe and inspiration can be instilled any day over at This is Colossal. The anamorphic illusions posted today are a simple idea executed impeccably and impressively.

6. Steven sent along a link to that scene in The L-Word that inspired the “down there” redwork. It is not a video you want to watch at work or with little kids listening, probably. You have been warned. Here’s the video.

7. And don’t forget to contribute to this World AIDS Day fundraiser on Saturday, December 1 for a chance to win several great prizes, including the sampler “down there.”

Okay…that’s enough. Go have a great day!