I used to like to tear sheets from magazines and put them in my sketchbooks with detailed plans for the ideas sparked by the images. Having no time to keep that sort of journal, I’ve taken to gathering those same images in my computer (many of these are my own images, but I keep references in my notes so that I can give credit when I use the ideas).


Last night I wandered through those images and got a little anxious: so many ideas, so little time. Right? Of course, not every idea is worthy of pursuit, but there are still plenty of things one could do in textiles once the duds are removed. (pun intended.)

I am currently at a crossroads. Many many works-in-progress are a sneeze away from being finished, while too many shiny new ideas are clawing at my brain. It’s always difficult to achieve the perfect balance. So…finish something? Or swatch/doodle/experiment with something? Or both?

Have a great weekend!