Been feeling bogged down in works-in-progress recently, so during my brief December break from RealJob, I unearthed a few and chipped away at them. I looked back in the blog archives and noticed that early January tends to be a bit of a parade of finished things. I promise that the UFO abyss is still infinitely deep. These are just infinitessimally small incremental progress steps.

It’s always surprising to find that a project is within a hair’s breadth of being done. Weird. These ripples–started more than a year ago in October 2011–tidily effed their ohs after two hours of diligent hooking on Xmas Eve while watching Upstairs, Downstairs (season 2 of the new series, which has inspired me to go watch the original series that started in 1971!).

Happy snuggles for me!

I like snuggling.

And I like staring at all these colors.

gettin' ripply!


in a pile

~ ~ ~ ~

ripply goodness!

ripply goodness!

ripply goodness!

Okay, all done!

Now…what’s next?!?!? Maybe a big reveal of that embroidered smooch that was sneak-peeked last week?

The Details

Pattern: crocheted ripples much like these
Materials: loads of wool from the scrap bin; some scraps destashed by JulieFrick
Techniques: double crochet, decreases
Finished size: 60″ x 50″
Started: October 29, 2011
Finished: December 24 2012