The posts around here have not been very deep so far this year. It’s all just sort of been “here’s this thing, I made it, see it, yay.” I don’t want to get stuck in this rut, but it’s been hard to figure out how to express the thoughts rattling around in my head. You know, I want to make the new year’s declaration of heartfelt resolve, to stake out new territory in textiles to explore, yada yada yada. Oh, and there’s always the need to return to our conversation about the bizness of fabrics–predatory marketing and the like. You know.

But I need to tell you about one more finished project in a quick and dirty way. Sorry. I’ll be back next week without an FO, but with lots of thoughts—deep or dumb and/or otherwise.

Disclaimer: Oh this project herein is kind of NSFW because it uses a few more words in the English language than some might like. And it’ll be on display in a show called Stitch Fetsh at The Hive Gallery in Los Angeles, so you might want to take that as a warning of what you’ll see should you choose to follow any of the links below.

Back in December, Ellen Schinderman asked me to contribute an embroidered piece to a show about fetishes. After getting over the pleasant surprise of being asked, I kind of panicked a little. Her work is “edgy” and the things I stitch are downright chaste, in comparison. How could I maintain my style while playing along with the theme?

in progress

It took several weeks of fretting, but I eventually settled on a sparely illustrated, but not too explicit redwork sampler. How about statements about oral fixation—with stylized, suggestive lips?


The detail work on the lips, stitched at 20 st/in (on handdyed blush-pink linen that’s a tad difficult to photograph accurately), took far longer than I’d budgeted, so I deconstructed my statements, gathering adverbs, verbs and nouns so that the reader than build his/her own narrative.





ETA (Feb 13, 2013): This Pinterest thing is a problem.

Here’s more about the show. The work will be for sale there and online through the gallery. My first piece put up for sale ever. If you’re in SoCal, go check it out! Info here.