A big benefit of the online happenings in textiles is the on-going creation all around. Folks generously share their work with us, sometimes providing rich explanations of process and revealing some personal reasons for their projects. It feels good to know that others are making stuff; it’s both inspirational and motivational.

After the last introspective post about INTP quilting, it seemed only appropriate to refocus outward to look out at other quilters who work with some similar ends in mind. Let’s note that I am conspicuously avoiding using the term “art quilting.” Quite frankly I am uncomfortable with the label since it seems to be a term already pregnant with connotations that are not altogether positive, in my opinion. Let’s not get involved in the East side-West side quilter gang wars about “traditional” and “art” quilt labeling…, well, let’s not do that today.

I’m bringing my own preferences to this round-up. These are 3-layer quilts of sound and durable construction that can comfortably operate as warming devices AND they convey a message. Just wanted to mention a few quilters today. This is not in any way a complete list of all the folks out there who quilt with meaning; this is only a taster.

Quilt sampler

Let’s start from the top right and proceed clockwise.

Top right: You must go read about Jacquie‘s design process while making her Bang You’re Dead quilt. Seems like a part of the shock her readers express is because this is a first foray and a marked departure from her usual geometric designs. But, umm, even if you are unfamiliar with her work beforehand, it is stunning. I can’t wait to see the finished work at QuiltCon next month.

Bottom right: The passage quilts made by Sherri Lynn Wood were a big influence on my thinking about the possibilities of the form back when I was a rookie. There really can be no more meaning sewn into a quilt than by using old textiles to memorialize a person or a community. Also? Her improv is to die for too. Check out her quilt portfolio. Really, pour a cuppa and settle in, there’s so much to admire.

Bottom left: Whenever quilts come up on Kristin La Flamme‘s blog, I prepare to be schooled either in some new-to-me technique or in discovering how one may express oneself in a quilt. This post about a flag quilt that she felt she had to transform to reflect new thinking is a great example. Her Army Wife apron series is quite a few lessons all gathered in one place. Oh, and don’t forget: War Sucks.

Top left: The politically-inspired enfranchisement quilt, Do It, seems also to be a first of the kind for its creator, Maritza Soto. She is a popular and prolific maker of the most adorable softies ever who then seemingly suddenly started making some seriously happy quilts. The bright colors she uses are a delight. Anyway, the voting quilt went up in her LQS, a place I’d love to inhabit one day.

I hope you enjoy strolling through the work of these quilters. There are a few more on my list. Is there someone else you’d include?