There are some things that are not jokes.


Here’s my own hyperbolic statement: This defiantly quantitatively illiterate and innumerate sh*t is evidence of one gigantic bit of what’s wrong with our country.

The re-pinner from where I first saw this is a knitter who I have respect for. And she re-pinned it from a pinner (linked above) who owns a quite successful yarn business. Who are they trying to kid?

ETA: Edited to disguise one expletive with an asterisk.

ETA: On some reflection, I must mention that the work I dedicate my life to makes me particularly offended and embarrassed by statements like this and their endorsement by folks who I presume are intelligent women. It’s too bad that anti-intellectualism is somehow required of those hoping to appeal to a wide audience in the US these days. I think those two pinners don’t necessarily support illiteracy, but rather hew to a cultural norm. This doesn’t excuse the behavior of two adult women, but it might explain the situation a little more.