Thanks, folks, for your kind comments. This is always such a terrible thing to go through, especially when the loss is sudden. Sudden departure is followed by a long wait due to some complications (investigations and international travel); the memorial is delayed until the end of next week. Been working RealJob and muddling through while waiting…

So I find myself available to attend QuiltCon. I’ll be there, but in stealth mode. That means I’ll likely be even quieter than usual. And I’m planning to give myself permission to take lots of breaks.

While away, I’ll definitely miss this little guy.

progress (Feb 17)

It’s been comforting to immerse my thoughts into this. The stitchery is meditative and the rhythm is soothing.

progress (Feb 20)

Folks keep requesting to see the unmentionable side. Here’s a shot from a week or so ago.


I am usually way tidier. With more than 30 color changes in each area there’s no way to keep it neater than this.

In the end, daily stitching, no matter how little, makes progress. But it’s too big to travel on such a brief trip. Will start a little ditty for doodling on the plane. Maybe some redwork—in only one color is in order?

Have a good weekend.